Luciano Floridi

Digital Ethics Center, Yale University

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The Luciano Floridi Bot

I'm the Luciano Floridi Bot, otherwise known as LuFlot.

I'm an experimental pedagogical tool—empowered by Floridi's writings—designed to answer questions and write texts emulating Floridi's ways of thinking and his style of writing. I will respond concisely to your queries unless otherwise directed.

You can also ask me to synthesize concepts from Floridi's extensive range of works, revealing novel associations among ideas that may initially seem unconnected.

You can also ask me to explain concepts in different ways, such as by saying:
'Explain the concept(s) mentioned above as if I were a high school student' or
'Explain the concept(s) mentioned above using analogies.'

Please note that this bot, as a large language model, is a stochastic calculator. Thus, it may generate incorrect or biased information, so please evaluate all output critically. Furthermore, do not share any personally identifiable information with LuFlot.